Who am I?

I am a person. When I close my eyes at night I dream about Adobe Illustrator mixed with fragments of my childhood home and horror films I watched at my friend Liz’s house when I was 12 . Outside of visual art I wander around antique malls and thrift stores collecting the most fabulous clothing I can find. After spending hours hunched over my desk painting or sewing I like to emerge and embark on some sort of ridiculous performance piece. I have an insatiable curiosity for foreign cultures and new art forms. People wandering by my desk may glance at my screen and see a Google street view of Berlin, the current exhibitions page for the Met, or the Wikipedia page of a female serial killer. I am interested in being more and gravitate towards those who ask more of me. I prefer to prove my worth through the ingenuity of my work rather than my ability to place a round peg into a round hole.

How I make things

I believe in the reuse of quality materials. I travel to the midwest where I find textiles, clothing, craft supplies and paints that were once used, loved, and have since been forgotten. All of my textile works are made from over 90% resale/recycled materials. I let the materials I find direct me in what I make. The frames I place my artworks into are also resale/recycled. I don’t believe things need to be perfect or new to be beautiful or have value.

What I'm Up to

Illustrator / Photoshop 90%
Painting / Drawing 70%
Textiles / Embroidery 80%
straight up chilling
Acting / Improv / Stand-up